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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have very painful periods and would like to take something natural, is there anything available?

Dysmennorhea or painful menstrual cramps are a common complaint in many women. For the most part, the treatment is use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or use of the oral contraceptive pill. However, at least 25% of women do not respond to these therapies and many consumers are now seeking other alternative remedies. Most herbs are junk and do not work. However, recent studies indicate that both vitamin B1 and magnesium may be of help. Studies show that taking 100 mg of vitamin B 1 daily can decrease the menstrual cramps. In addition, there is evidence that magnesium may also help prevent painful menstrual cramps. The exact dose of magnesium to treat menstrual cramps is variable, so you may have to try several doses. If you have painful menstrual cramps and do not like drugs, perhaps it may be worth trying vitamin B1 or magnesium .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What are side effects of Viagra in women?

Compared to men, women tend to experience more headaches when taking Viagra. Other reported side effects of Viagra in women include facial flushing and stomach upset. While there is no absolute reason why a woman cannot take Viagra, it is important to discuss the issue with the doctor. Using   Viagra  is a great option for women who want to boost their sex lives, especially if they are taking anti depressant medications.

Can Viagra help women boost their sex life?

For some women who do not have stress as a cause, Viagra may do wonders for their sex life. There are many studies now showing that Viagra can relax vaginal smooth muscle in anticipation of sexual intercourse and play a vital role in lubrication. Moreover, women who take Viagra also report that the clitoris does become hypersensitive to stimulation. Women who tend to have the maximum benefit from Viagra are those who have depression and take tricyclic antidepressant medications. 

In one study, the majority of depressed women who took Viagra found that the pill caused intense orgasms. Since anti depressants often interfere with sex drive and performance, use of Viagra may be of great benefit. The dose of Viagra for women is the same as for men. Women tend to respond slightly lower doses of generic Viagra, usually 25mg or 50 mg tablet.  The effects of Viagra tend to occur within 20-40 minutes and last for about 3-6 hours. Viagra can be taken by women on a daily basis as long as there are no health problems.

Why is Viagra not recommended in women to boost their sex life?

Unfortunately, unlike men, a female’s sexual dysfunction has many causes that may range from lack of desire, inadequate arousal or inability to achieve an orgasm. The chief reason why women continue to have an unsatisfactory sexual life is not because of lack of partners but because of lack of desire. This problem affects close to 30-50 percent of women. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac and is unable to treat the lack of desire. Women’s sexual desired are intricately linked to their relationship with their partner. Women unlike men need to have sex for a purpose. Moreover, unlike males women tend to have sexual dysfunction more related to emotional stress than a physical cause. Other common reasons for sexual dysfunction in female may related to prescription drug use, diabetes, depression or alcohol abuse.

Can a woman use Viagra to boost her sex life?

Viagra was first developed to treat a certain heart disorder and during the early clinical trials, it became apparent that the drug could also enhance erections in male. To date there is absolutely no valid reason why women cannot use Viagra.  Some sex experts speculate that women‘s erogenous zones may not respond to Viagra like the men’s penis. In a male, Viagra increases blood flow and enhances the erection. Since females do not have a penis, many experts claim that Viagra will not work. However, this is only based on speculations and not based on any scientific studies. In fact, the truth of the matter is that Viagra is used by many women for sexual arousal. There are plenty of anecdotal reports on cyberspace about women having used Viagra with great satisfaction. The only way to know if Viagra works for you is to try out the pill. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vaginismus:Part 4

Kegel Exercises

Even though kegel exercise have been hyped up to be a cure for many pelvic and urological disorders in women, Kegel exercises only help less than 10% of women with vaginismus. These exercises can help relax the pelvic muscles and coordinate vaginal movements. Over time kegel exercises, do help one control vaginal muscles. However, many women lack compliance with kegel exercises because they do not believe it works

Vaginal Dilation Exercises

Vaginal dilation exercises are suggested using a variety of dilators. This exercise should initially be done under the direction of a sex therapist. Over time it should involve the partner. The treatment should also emphasize intimate contact and caring
Some women have a very tight vaginal orifice and may require gentle vaginal dilation exercises. These dilatation exercise can be done using the patients own fingers, plastic instruments called dilators or one may even use a dildo. The size of these instruments is gradually increased over time. One is also encouraged to perform kegel exercise with the dilators in the vagina. Use of dildos is highly recommended. Many women do improve with vaginal dilation exercises and incredibly prefer the dildo to the penis over time.

Once the patient is ready and feels relaxed, sexual intercourse can be attempted. While some women do respond to these vaginal dilatation exercises, others develop apprehension when a real penis is introduced. In these women, psychotherapy is encouraged, as the problem may be more emotional than physical.

Educational Treatment

While there may be a physical cause of vaginismus in some women, in the majority of women fear of the penis is a compounding problem. Thus, education and psychotherapy is vital. Women should be made to understand anatomy of the sexual organs and how sexual intercourse is attempted. The various taboos and myths about sexual and sexual organs have to be dispelled to enable one to enjoy sexual intercourse


No matter how extensive physical treatments are undertaken, psychological counseling is a must in all these women. Psychological counseling can also help over come past sexual abuse or traumatic events

Prevention of Vaginismus

When a female finds sexual intercourse painful, it is important to seek help right away.The longer one delays help, the more agonizing the problem becomes for both partners.

Prevention of vaginismus starts in the bedroom. To help prevent vaginismus, it is essential that the female be honest with her partner and talk to him about her fears. Of course, it is essential that the partner be understanding and help out in the process. It is a time consuming process that can be overcome with support and understanding by both partners.

While exact numbers are not available, the majority of women can over come vaginismus. Ironically, some women do overcome the problem when they get a new male partner.

Vaginismus: Part 3


The diagnosis of vaginismus is based on history and physical exam. A pelvic exam may give clue to the presence of vaginismus. Sometimes there may be a physical cause of vaginismus that may become evident on a physical exam. In some women, it may be impossible for the doctor to insert his finger or a speculum into the vagina. These women usually have no vaginal secretions, are apprehensive, and keep on tightening their legs. In severe cases of vaginismus, the physician may need to place the patient under some type of anesthesia or administer sedation.

It is vital that the health care professional rule out a physical cause of vaginismus. Once the physical causes have been ruled out, the treatment can be emphasized on the root psychological causes.


Treatment of vaginismus is a prolonged process and there is no magic bullet. What should be understood from the beginning is that vaginismus treatment should be offered to both partners. Education and understanding of the pathology is vital. Different women respond to different treatments. The available treatments include psychotherapy, education and vaginal muscle exercises

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