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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have very painful periods and would like to take something natural, is there anything available?

Dysmennorhea or painful menstrual cramps are a common complaint in many women. For the most part, the treatment is use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or use of the oral contraceptive pill. However, at least 25% of women do not respond to these therapies and many consumers are now seeking other alternative remedies. Most herbs are junk and do not work. However, recent studies indicate that both vitamin B1 and magnesium may be of help. Studies show that taking 100 mg of vitamin B 1 daily can decrease the menstrual cramps. In addition, there is evidence that magnesium may also help prevent painful menstrual cramps. The exact dose of magnesium to treat menstrual cramps is variable, so you may have to try several doses. If you have painful menstrual cramps and do not like drugs, perhaps it may be worth trying vitamin B1 or magnesium .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do sex hormones help reverse anorgasmia?

Even though many types of hormonal therapies are advocated, there is no guarantee that these hormones will fix your problems. Both estrogen and low dose testosterone therapy are advocated but both these products have a variety of unpleasant side effects. There are some natural products being marketed to help women with anorgasmia. Both zestra and arginmax are sold in health food stores and are said to increase blood flow and arouse the clitoris. Unfortunately, none of these natural therapies have been tested and no one knows if they really work.

For women who have anorgasmia, forget the orgasms that you see on TV and in porno movies-most of these are simulated or fake, Most important, communicate with your partner, be realistic in your expectations and focus on mutual pleasure instead of achieving an orgasm every time you have sex.

Can sex therapy help me over come anorgasmia?

There are sex therapists all over the country that specialize in treating this problem. Sex therapy session may help you communicate better, teach you more about sexual organs and how to stimulate them. Unfortunately, sex therapists are exorbitantly expensive and one does require multiple sessions. In general, sex therapists are full of crap- you can get the same advice free from YouTube

Are there any drugs to treat anorgasmia

The diagnosis of anorgasmia is based on the history and physical exam of the genitals. Sometime there may be anatomical or physical reason for lack of an orgasm. Unfortunately, even when the diagnosis of anorgasmia is made, treatment is difficult. There is no magic bullet that can make a female orgasm. For most women, changes in lifestyle are more important than any medications

Experts recommend that the female should start to understand her body and learn to accept that sex is a normal physiological event. In many women, the chief cause of anorgasmia is that the partner simply has not made enough effort to effectively stimulate the clitoris. Thus, this may mean teaching the partner about female anatomy, changing sexual positions, or spice up the sex life with a vibrator. It is vital that all conflicts and disagreements be resolved for satisfying sex and thus couples may require counseling.

What are causes of anorgasmia?

Sexual orgasms are very delicate and often change with age, medications and other personal issues. Anorgasmia only becomes a disease when one is bothered by it -if you do not reach an orgasm during sexual activity and are not bothered by it-you have nothing to worry about. However, for many women the inability to achieve an orgasm can generate intense guilt and emotional distress. Why anorgasmia is so common is not fully understood but it can be affected by a number of medical disorders, use of medications, alcohol, illicit drugs and advanced age. Other factors that play a role in the disorder include psychological issues like performance anxiety, cultural and religious beliefs, embarrassment, interpersonal relationships and guilt about enjoying sex.

How many women have difficulty in achieving an orgasm?

Anorgasmia is medically defined as an inability to reach an orgasm after adequate sexual stimulation- causing an enormous amount of personal torment and stress. An orgasm is usually described as a powerful physical gratification followed by a release of all tension. The orgasm is often accompanied by spontaneous and rhythmic contractions of the muscles in and around the genitals. Even though real numbers are not known, it is believed that this is a very common disorder that affects 20% of all sexually active females. Statistics indicate that less than 1/3rd of women consistently have organs during sexual activity.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What are side effects of Viagra in women?

Compared to men, women tend to experience more headaches when taking Viagra. Other reported side effects of Viagra in women include facial flushing and stomach upset. While there is no absolute reason why a woman cannot take Viagra, it is important to discuss the issue with the doctor. Using   Viagra  is a great option for women who want to boost their sex lives, especially if they are taking anti depressant medications.

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